Patrick Luckow


I am currently working in Cambridge, MA doing near-to-medium term electricity system research. With the aid of industry-standard electricity dispatch and capacity expansion models I evaluate the resource plans at some of the biggest utilities across the country, as well as the environmental and economic impacts of national and state level policy and regulatory initiatives. I do a tiny bit of model development, but largely using existing tools to understand the future operation of the electric grid.

Prior to my move to Cambridge, I was in the Washington DC metro area working for a research institute that does integrated assessment modeling to understand the physical and economic impacts of climate change legislation. I graduated in 2009 from the University of Maryland, College Park with my MS in mechanical engineering. My thesis, Minimum Energy Design of Seawater Heat Exchangers, focused on the design of energy efficient heat exchangers from a new thermally conductive polymer material, for applications including power plants and desalination (available here). I received my BS from Northwestern University in June, 2007, also in mechanical engineering.

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