Patrick Luckow

Relevant Coursework

Experimental Engineering: Learned LabVIEW and Basic Stamp programming through a project to control a robot wirelessly via bluetooth.

Engineering Fluid Mechanics: Gained a full understanding of boundary layer theory, compressible flows, and lift.

Heat Transfer: Learned the basics of conduction, convection, and radiation.

Reliability Engineering: Learned how to apply statistics to engineering, from censoring and accelerated testing to availability and complex systems.

Energy Systems Engineering: Studied power generation cycles, including the Rankine and vapor compression cycle, as well as absorption cycles. Modeled various methods to heat the cabin of a car using waste heat from high efficiency engines.

Sustainable Energy Production and Use: Reviewed major sources of energy production, including coal combustion, nuclear, wind, and solar. Used TMY2 data to calculate total annual incident solar radiation on a fixed solar panel, and determined the expected capacity factor of a wind turbine.

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