Patrick Luckow


Portable Solar Power Kit: Led a team to conduct a feasibility study and create the initial design for a solar power kit the size of a laptop computer, designed to carry and power the computer. I later developed a functional prototype of this design, which was able to power my Apple Macbook for almost two hours on five hours of sunlight. (more details)

Sustainable Shuttle Stop: Worked with two others to design, test, and prototype a bus stop built of sustainable materials. Design elements included a wall of recycled glass bottles, flooring built of permeable pavers, and solar powered lighting.

Plastic Wind Turbine: Designed a plastic wind turbine to be injection molded, from modeling and manufacturing in Unigraphics NX 3 to production and assembly.

Wireless Boe-Bot Control: Programmed a small robot to interface with LabVIEW wirelessly through bluetooth.

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